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I can work either without equipment or providing my own. I have experience shooting on everything from a Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro to a Panasonic GH5S.


In this role have worked on a variety of projects both in the UK and overseas. Recent shoots include shooting a documentary following three motorcyclist travelling from the UK to the Arctic Circle as well as numerous live events such as West End productions, live broadcast motorsport plus various shorts for commercial clients.


I work as a producer remotely as well as on site. I have produced everything from 1 day shoots to 3 month assignments and have worked as a combined producer/director frequently.


I work as a video editor either remotely or on site using Adobe Premiere Pro.

I have worked both as a complete editor, editing to briefs, as well as part of a larger team each working on certain elements of the edit.

I have edited everything from music videos to short films, promotional videos and 



I have worked both overseas and in the UK delivering education, this has included as an English teacher in Italy, delivering health initiatives in Senegal as well as more recently running courses teaching the basics of video production to business people to allow them to create their own video content.